Award Trophies Created By Swarovski

This year marks the fifth year running that BIFA winners will be presented with the bespoke trophy created by British designers Fredrikson Stallard in collaboration with Swarovski.

The trophy combines the designers’ avant-garde aesthetic with Swarovski’s heritage of master craftsmanship, and is a unique celebration of BIFA’s standing in the film community and the exceptional talents that illuminate British filmmaking.

Nadja Swarovski, Member of the Swarovski Executive Board, commented: “Fredrikson Stallard are among the most talented designers working in Britain today and their work is always artistic and highly impactful. This stunning trophy for BIFA shines with the light of a golden crystal at its heart. It’s like a beacon of inspiration and it’s sure to become an iconic prize in British filmmaking.”

Ian Stallard explained: “We wanted to create a signature trophy that will be instantly recognisable and act as a beacon to the extraordinary talent that is so plentiful within British filmmaking today.”

Swarovski is a longstanding supporter of the British Independent Film Awards, and has lent its signature sparkle to the set and costume design of many of cinema’s most memorable moments for over 85 years.