British Independent Film Awards BIFA

Celebrating 20 years of the best British Independent Film

About BIFA

The British Independent Film Awards highlight and reward the best, most innovative and creative independent filmmaking and filmmakers in the UK. We identify and encourage emerging talent, support and celebrate the independent film community and promote British film and talent to the public.

Each year, the BIFA voters, made up of the Screening Group and Nomination Committee, view the 300+ entered films. After a rigorous discussion-based selection process the long list and nominations are decided by confidential vote. The winners in most categories are decided by independent juries, newly appointed each year and not involved in the nominations process. These juries, comprised of leading professionals and talent from the British film industry, meet to discuss all the nominated films and the winners are decided by secret ballot. The winners for Best British Independent Film, Best British Short Film and the nine craft categories are decided by a confidential vote amongst all BIFA voters. Once the votes have been counted and validated, the winners are announced at The British Independent Film Awards.



1. Be fair

Have a diligent, detailed and scrutinised voting process for determining the winners.
Maintain a large pool of engaged industry professionals to act as voters and jurors.
Ensure that active voters and jurors are diverse and representative of the demographics of the UK.

2. Actively identify new talent

Build relationships with organisations that teach and foster new talent (eg, film schools).
Encourage new and young filmmakers to participate in the BIFA awards, and other initiatives.
Be open, accessible and communicative with new filmmakers and those starting off in the field.

3. Actively highlight and support excellence and achievement

Remain a tentpole event of the British film industry calendar and increase consumer awareness.
Support nominated and winning films year-round, not just on the night of the awards.
Create opportunities for emerging talent to expand their contacts and further their careers.

4. Encourage conversation and be curious

Keep a finger on the pulse of British film and be a leading contributor to conversations about it.
Explore new ways to reach audiences and deliver messages across different platforms.

5. Be open

Be honest and transparent about BIFA’s work. 
Be accessible and communicative to all enquirers.

6. Work for the industry, towards a better industry

Ensure that BIFA’s voice is the industry’s voice through strong representation of leading industry figures in the voters, committees and board.
Reward best practice and work to make the British film industry a more inclusive, less intimidating place to work. 

7. Champion cinema

Actively encourage the valuable collective experience of the cinema.
Support independent filmmakers in showing their work in the medium for which it was intended.


Now in its 20th year, BIFA was founded by Elliot Grove and Suzanne Ballantyne in 1998, who also founded the Raindance Film Festival in 1993.