5 Reasons to See The Ghoul

Monday, March 20, 2017

The Ghoul previews in 20 locations around the UK next week, on Monday 27th March, with BIFA Independents. Here are 5 reasons why you need to go see it!


1. The web of top British talent involved

Image via The Ghoul Instagram.

The Ghoul is written, produced and directed by Gareth Tunley. It’s his first time in the writer/director seat of a feature film but that doesn’t necessarily make him a newcomer: he’s been in Ben Wheatley’s club of collaborators for nearly 10 years, with credits in BIFA winners Down Terrace (2009), Kill List (2011) and Sightseers (2012). Tunley’s producing partner and leading man, Tom Meeten, comes from similar circles, with credits in Sightseers and BIFA Discovery Award nominee Aaaaaaaah! (2015). Completing the web is Alice Lowe, BIFA-winning screenwriter of Sightseers (also Best Actress nominee) and nominated for the Debut Director award for Prevenge (2016), in which both Tunley and Meeten have roles. Sound like the makings of a murder mystery yet?


2. The story

In addition to the Discovery Award nomination, Gareth Tunley was long listed for the new BIFA Debut Screenwriter award. The long list was featured in The Hollywood Reporter, with a short interview with Tunley. In answer to the question “Why do you make movies?”, Tunley answered: “To explore my possibly unhealthy obsessions, and to take revenge on the audience for my various hang ups!” Perhaps not surprising, then, that the gripping, tense plot revolves around Chris (Tim Meeten), an undercover detective investigating a psychologist linked to a strange double murder – but as his therapy sessions continue, the line between fantasy and reality begins to blur and Chris begins to question his own identity. You can watch the trailer below, but it really has to be seen to be believed (and seen twice to be understood).

3. What BIFA voters say about it

The Ghoul may not have taken the gong home at the end of the BIFA ceremony (that honour went to The Greasy Strangler), but the fact that it was nominated means that it was seen and loved by a lot of BIFA voters. Our voters are past winners and nominees, leading filmmakers and top industry figures; they watch a lot of movies, so they know what they’re talking about. Here are some (anonymised) comments:

“An impressive first feature… the strandout is really Tom Meeten’s performance, but I was impressed at how the script constantly subverted your expectations.”

“This is a really great first feature by Gareth Tunley – assured and intelligent… kept me hooked.”

“Brave, ambitious and complex… Exactly the sort of challenging filmmaking we should be considering very seriously.”

“A really smart, ambitious, unusual film that presents a strong filmmaking voice – great debut.” 


4. To be the first!

The Ghoul has only played to a public audience once, at the London Film Festival back in October 2016, and its general release isn’t due until later in the year. If you don’t live in London or didn’t catch it at the festival, our screenings are your first chance to watch this thrilling BIFA nominee in a cinema near you. And did you know that tickets are just £5 at Odeon and Vue cinemas? 




5. To support British film

Not swayed by any of the above? Go see it because it’s a British independent film. Our independent film industry is strong and thriving, but it relies on people watching, both in cinemas and at home. Forget about blockbusters and superheroes: our films are filled with unique new stories, told in bold ways.  Vote with your feet, let cinemas and filmmakers know that you want to see their films in your local cinemas. Did we mention that tickets are just £5 at Odeon and Vue cinemas?


Find a screening near you & book your tickets here.

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