The Forgotten C

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Aisha has never let her cancer define her – choosing to still work and do the normal things that any 28 year old wants to do. Whilst she’s always known that eventually her treatment options will run out, she envisaged going out with a blast. Now a global pandemic has effectively imprisoned her and her partner, Jamie, in a tiny flat as the final months of her life play out. The strain put on relationships by a terminal illness is heightened by Aisha’s inability to be close to the rest of her loved ones. The physical distance to her family in particular only serves to worsen their denial and lack of understanding about the severity of her disease. This is particularly acute for her father, Asim, who continues to work as a bus driver and is debilitated with fear about infecting Aisha with COVID. This makes him stay away from his daughter when she needs him most. And, for her and Jamie, the enormity of what they’re having to deal with as a young couple becomes increasingly unmanageable without extra support. Ultimately this is a story about the rituals behind the most human of emotions: love and grief. It’s about how we often struggle to express those emotions at the most important moments, and how the pandemic has forced so many of us to confront how we experience love and grief in ways that we’d never imagined.