Roland Gift

Roland Gift

Lee Gift was born in Birmingham, England.

Cox and David Steele chose Gift as the lead singer of their new band
in 1985 after their former band, The Beat, broke up.
worked in various theater, television, and movie roles beginning
early in his career after joining Fine Young Cannibals. His first
role was in the 1987 film Sammy and Rosie Get Laid. He didn’t appear
on stage until 1990 when he landed a part as Romeo in 1990 for a
production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in Hull Truck Theatre,
which had a brief run in the USA at the Staller Center for the Arts.
Later, in 1993, he had a reoccurring role in the popular series
Highlander: The Series as the Immortal Xavier St. Cloud.

released his first solo album since the official breakup of the band
Fine Young Cannibals in 1992, self-titled, in 2002. It featured the
single “It’s Only Money”. He
has also appeared in the movie The
Island of the Mapmaker’s Wife

waited until 2007 to go back to the recording studio for a follow-up

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2013 Jury Member