Fabien Riggall

Fabien Riggall set up Future Cinema in 2005, aiming to create environments where the audience lives out a film in purpose-built sets. By 2007, Fabien’s ideas had evolved to become Secret Cinema. Secret Cinema has since expanded to house multiple strands under the umbrella Secret Group, staging events of varying scale, from a few hundred to a hundred thousand attendees, in which art, music, theatre and food are brought together and completely re-imagined with the aim of creating a secret world. Recent productions of Back to the Future and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back had record breaking numbers of attendees. In September 2015, Fabien set up #loverefugees, a movement to raise awareness of the plight of refugees globally, and installed a temporary cinema in the Calais refugee camp known as the Jungle.

BIFA Roles

2015 Jury Member