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Thursday, March 2, 2017

We think it’s important that BIFA is genuinely representative of the film industry and open to new voices and new opinions, so we are expanding our pool of voters. We are inviting film industry professionals who fit any of the following three criteria to register to vote with us via the link below:

  • Previous BIFA nominees and winners.
  • HoDs on BIFA-nominated films (in most categories)
  • Industry professionals who haven’t worked on BIFA-nominated films, but have significant (three or more years’) experience in independent feature film production in a creative capacity.

Although the pool of voters will grow, fewer than 200 voters participate in full BIFA voting (nominations voting) each year. We may ask some voters to take part for two or more consecutive years – we believe that the consistency that experienced voters bring will ensure that the process works properly.

How BIFA voting works

Read a full description of our voting process here.

BIFA’s Nomination Committee and Screening Group (voters) decide the long list and nominations in most categories. After a rigorous discussion-based selection process the long list and nominations are decided by confidential vote.

The voters are divided into Sub-Groups based on the award categories (e.g. Best British Film, Best International, Best Short etc.). Films may be allocated to voters so that every entered film is seen by a minimum number of voters and properly discussed. The Sub-Groups meet three times throughout the process to discuss the films they have seen.

Votes are then cast privately in two rounds, once to reach the longlist and once to reach the final nominations. In calculating the results, BIFA takes into account the number of people who have seen a film. The winners are decided by independent juries, newly appointed each year.

All registered voters can vote for the winner of Best British Independent Film

Before 2016, the winner of Best British Independent Film was decided by a jury. In 2016, for the first time, all registered BIFA voters were able to vote, meaning that the winner of BIFA’s most prestigious award is now decided by you, the film industry.

Register to vote

Registration is open all year round for BIFA voting. To be considered for 2018 nominations voting, get your form to us by 6pm on Friday 1st June.

Registrations received after that date will still be considered for 2018 Best British Independent Film winner voting until 23:00 on Tuesday 30th October.

Registrations received after that will be considered for 2019 nomination, winner and jury voting.

Complete the voter registration form here.

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