2005 Best British Short Nominations Announced 8th British Independent Film Awards

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Best British Short Nominees Announced

The four films nominated for Best British Short are SIX SHOOTER, CAN’T STOP BREATHING, DUPE and PITCH PERFECT

Directed and written by Martin McDonagh and produced by Kenton Allen and Mia Bays, the tagline for SIX SHOOTER is “A black and bloody Irish comedy”. The film portrays a train ride through Ireland, featuring a passenger who has lost his wife. He encounters a strange and disturbed teenager, as well as a grief-stricken couple. The story examines the man’s encounters with the other passengers which lead up to the dark and bloody conclusion.

CAN’T STOP BREATHING directed by Amy Neil and produced by Ravinder Basra. The film examines a daughter’s relationship with a mother suffering from Alzheimer’s, as she struggles to take care of her.

DUPE portrays a video-game playing slacker who creates clones to help with housework. Much to his disappointment, the clones have the same aversion to washing up as the original. Chris Waitt directed and starred in the film, and co-wrote it with Henry Trotter, who also produced the film.

PITCH PERFECT was written and directed by J Blakeson and produced by Sacha Guttenstein. The film tells the story of two screenwriters who frustratingly sit through several meetings, attempting to get their story heard by executives. After leaving each one defeated, they try to reshape their pitch. Their strategies and revised tactics are hilariously funny and satirize how far one will go to perfect their pitch.

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