ourscreen Virtual Cinema x BIFA

Friday, March 12, 2021

We’ve partnered with the ourscreen Virtual Cinema for a series of special events celebrating some of this year’s incredible BIFA-winning films and BIFA nominated shorts. 

Virtual Cinema recreates the social experience of watching a film together, with a live chat option to connect with fellow audience members in real-time. Don’t miss this chance to watch live alongside some of the BIFA winning filmmakers who will be joining in the real-time conversation too – get your questions ready! 


Wednesday 24 March, 7.45pm

Watch MISBEHAVIOUR live with director Philippa Lowthorpe and BIFA 2020 Best Make-Up and Hair Design winner Jill Sweeney, who who will be joining the Virtual Cinema Live Chat.

When Miss World came to London in 1970, the competition was the most-watched TV show on the planet with over 100 million viewers. Claiming that beauty competitions demeaned women, the newly formed Women’s Liberation Movement planned to disrupt the broadcast. Sensing a need to be seen as more progressive, the competition organisers also had their eye on change, including the first black South African among the entrants. Neither organisation could have predicted that by the end of the show, a global audience would have witnessed the patriarchy shaken to its core and the Western ideal of beauty turned on its head. Nominated for 3 BIFA awards and winning Best Make-up and Hair Design and Best Costume Design, Misbehaviour is an eye-popping masterclass in visual detail, bursting with period authenticity and expertly recreating the places and people of 1970’s London. Starring Keira Knightley, Jessie Buckley, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Rhys Ifans.
UK 2020 Dir. Philippa Lowthorpe 106 min. 


Writer/Director/Producer: Rafael Manuel
Producer: Naomi Pacifique

In the self-contained cosmos of a Philippine golf course, wider societal structures are reflected in the hierarchy of its pampered members and uniformed workers, and despite the immaculate facade, the gulf between the privileged and those eking out a living is laid bare. Although new girl Isabel still has to learn the rules, she’s a free spirit already looking for loopholes to subvert the system. Jorrybell Agoto’s captivating performance as Isabel conveys a world of potential within, in this subtle, tense and beautifully realised BIFA nominated film. 
UK 2020 Dir. Rafael Manuel 24 min.




Wednesday 31 March, 8pm

Watch PERFECT 10 live with director Eva Riley, producer Jacob Thomas and stars Frankie Box and Alfie Deegan, who will be joining the Virtual Cinema Live Chat.

Introduced by director Eva Riley. 

14-year-old Leigh (BIFA Most Promising Newcomer nominee Frankie Box) lives with her neglectful father on the outskirts of Brighton. She’s a talented gymnast, dedicated to her training despite her lack of confidence, money for fees and support from her fellow gymnasts. When an older half-brother appears at her house one night, Leigh’s lonely existence is irrevocably altered, but as mistrust gradually transforms into exciting new feelings and Leigh receives the attention she craves, she’s also exposed to a more dangerous side of young adulthood. Debut director Eva Riley delivers an assured and spirited coming-of-age story that explores teenage relationships with heartfelt sensitivity. A keen visual style and lively soundtrack complete this BIFA 2020 Raindance Discovery Award winner, with Sharlene Whyte and Alfie Deegan.
UK 2020 Dir. Eva Riley 84 min.


Writer/Director: Sophie Littman
Producer: Tom Wood

Whilst Mia and her sister Squeeze walk their dog in the fields near their home, the once familiar landscape begins to morph around them, tricking them and introducing Mia to a strange man lurking at the edge of a dark wood. In this strange new reality, the sisters are plunged into a powerless limbo, and must confront an oncoming grief neither is ready to face. Bravura filmmaking and stand out performances earned Sudden Light a well deserved BIFA nomination. Starring Esme Creed-Miles (Hanna), Sam Spruell (Starred Up) and Millie Ashford.
UK 2019 Dir. Sophie Littman 15 mins.

Tickets £5, available here

Please note: we are sorry to announce that Valentina Brazzini is no longer able to attend this event. 


THE FATHER (Preview)

Thursday 8 April, 8pm

Introduced by director and screenwriter Florian Zeller and screenwriter Christopher Hampton, winners of the BIFA 2020 Best Screenplay award.

When attempting a move to Paris with her partner, a daughter must find help for her father, a highly independent man who refuses all assistance, but for whom illness has made care essential. Disorientated and vulnerable, the devastation of dementia is seen through his eyes, as he navigates the shifting sands of his off-kilter world, doubting his loved ones, his memories and even reality. Adapted for screen by director Florian Zeller and Christopher Hampton from Zeller’s acclaimed stage play Le Père and with a haunting performance from Anthony Hopkins in the titular role, this sensitively handled, intensely moving first feature garnered BIFA wins for all three – Best Screenplay and Best Actor respectively. With Olivia Colman, Olivia Williams, Mark Gatiss and Rufus Sewell.
UK 2020 Dir. Florian Zeller 97 min.

Director: Molly Manning Walker
Producer: Jessi Gutch

Aisha has never let her cancer define her and whilst she’s always known that eventually her treatment options will run out, she envisaged going out with a blast. Now a global pandemic has effectively imprisoned her and her partner in a tiny flat as the final months of her life play out. With pitch-perfect performances from Mandeep Dhillon and Charlie Rowe, this BIFA nominated short film offers insight into how the pandemic forces so many of us to confront love and grief in ways that we’d never imagined.
UK 2020 Dir. Molly Manning Walker 15 min.

Tickets £5, available here



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