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What is BIFA Springboard?

Springboard is our pioneering programme designed to support the British film industry by identifying and nurturing filmmakers who have previously made a first feature of note and are now embarking on steps to pursue a sustainable career in film. 

This year round course is open to filmmakers longlisted in BIFA categories of Debut Director, Debut Screenwriter, Breakthrough Producer and Discovery Award between 2018 and 2020. Through a variety of workshops, seminars and networking sessions we supply strategic guidance and hard skills training as well as building a mutually supportive community for emerging talent. We are able to provide this work through the generosity of ScreenSkills and Netflix.

Participants will take part in in-depth and partner-delivered training sessions around key elements of the production industry, including:

  • Distribution and Sales Agents: maximising opportunities 
  • Crisis Accounting: Covid-19 and beyond 
  • BFI Back to Work Guidelines: looking after our teams, our film and ourselves
  • Working in Film and TV: navigating dual paths 
  • Marketing: tell the world about your work
  • Sustainability Training: minimising impact
  • The Business of Film: make sustainable decisions
  • Legal Training: know your rights
  • Unconscious Bias in Production (in addition, all participants will also have access to BIFA’s Unconscious Bias training focused on creative decision making)

Each session will be delivered by an experienced BIFA partner and will be supplemented with information in advance and an outline of topics that will be covered, plus questions to consider and discuss in breakout groups. The infrastructure of the course will also allow flexibility in what is offered, asking filmmakers what they are most in need of in each session and tailoring the offer accordingly. The programme also offers a unique peer mentoring opportunity to gain valuable advice and networking opportunities from filmmaking contemporaries.