Tracy O’Riordan

Tracy O’Riordan

O’Riordan worked as a drama development executive and story editor before
moving into physical production in 2002, when most notably she worked as part
of the production team on the multi-award winning The Queen directed by Stephen Frears.

Following this, Tracy worked as a Production Executive on Digital Departures,
overseeing the development and production of a slate of micro-budget feature
films as part of Liverpool Capital Of Culture 2008, which included the
acclaimed Of Time and the City by
Terence Davies.

In 2009 Tracy produced The Arbor,
directed by Clio Barnard, which won 6 national and 3 international awards and
was nominated for a BAFTA for Outstanding Debut. Most recently Tracy produced The Selfish Giant; the second Clio
Barnard feature, through her production company Moonspun Films. The Selfish
Giant was selected for Director’s Fortnight, Cannes Film Festival 2013 and was
nominated for a BAFTA for Outstanding British Film.

In 2014 Tracy joined Passion Pictures and Red Box Films,
to set up a drama slate in association with Moonspun Films.

BIFA Roles

2014 Jury Member