Sandy Powell

Sandy Powell’s feature film credits
include: The Wolf Of Wall Street, Hugo, The Tempest, Shutter Island,
The Young Victoria, The Other Boleyn Girl, The Departed, Mrs
Henderson Presents, The Avaiator, Sylvia, Far From Heaven, Gangs Of
New York, Miss Julie, The End Of The Affair, Felicia’s Journey,
Shakespeare In Love, Hilary and Jackie, Velvet Goldmine, The Wings of
the Dove, The Butcher Boy, Michael Collins, Rob Roy, Interview With A
Vampire, Being Human, Wittgenstein, Orlando, The Crying Game, Edward
II, The Pope Must Die, The Miracle, Killing Dad, Venus Peter, For
Queen and Country, Stormy Monday, The Last Of England, Depuis Le Jour
– Aria, Caravaggio.
Opera includes: Dr. Ox’s Experiment and
Rigoletto. Theatre / Dance includes: Edward II. Commercials include:

2000 – British Airways – Gorgeous –
Dir. Chris Palmer
2000 – Stella Artois – Great Guns –
Dir. Andy Wilson

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2013 Jury Member

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