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Job Alert - Project Manager, July 2018

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The British Independent Film Awards highlight and reward the best, most innovative and creative independent filmmaking and filmmakers in the UK. We identify and encourage emerging talent, support and celebrate the independent film community and promote British film and talent to the public. We do this through our annual awards ceremony and also through year-round initiatives and events that are open to the industry and the public.

BIFA is undertaking a significant research and development project to scope out and test the concept for a cross-industry marketing platform aimed at increasing viewing of British independent film amongst under 30s.

Phase one of this project will consist of new consumer research, industry stakeholder interviews and research and technology partner scoping. BIFA is recruiting an experienced project manager to run this R&D phase.


You can download a PDF of all this information here.


Job description

Title: Project Manager

Employment dates: starting ASAP, ideally 16 July

Salary: according to experience

Reports to: BIFA directors (Amy Gustin & Deena Wallace)

BIFA’s R&D project aims to identify the key drivers and barriers of film viewing in the under 30s and apply this new research to shape a cross-industry marketing solution. BIFA aims to work with research companies and industry organisations (such as film schools, the BFI Academy and Into Film) to produce comprehensive qualitative and quantitative data on the subject. An industry-facing summary of the key research findings, including best practise guidelines and actionable points for the industry, will be published in trade press. BIFA has a proposed marketing solution (the ‘platform’) whose exact form and functionality will also be explored and tested as part of the research.

Essential duties:
  • Work with research companies and liaise with industry partners to produce new qualitative and quantitative research in the under-30s audience.
  • Work with research companies to produce an industry-facing summary of key research findings, to be published in trade press.
  • Meet with industry stakeholders (distributors, exhibitors, trade bodies) to help refine BIFA’s proposed approach and confirm their collaboration with the project.
  • Work with BIFA’s technical partners to create wireframes for the platform for use during qualitative research.
  • Produce a report outlining research findings, a build strategy, a timeline and a budget for the platform.
  • Support the BIFA team in identifying and recruiting partners for prototyping and large-scale user testing of the platform.
  • Ensure that all project activity remains within the assigned budget and timeframes.


Candidate requirements

BIFA is looking for someone with significant experience in managing complex research and development projects, and with strong knowledge and understanding of the film industry and key stakeholders therein.

The successful candidate will have:

  • Previously worked as a Project Manager on complex research & development or data projects.
  • Experience of managing or delivering tech projects
  • A proven ability to plan, organise and prioritise effectively to deliver against targets within established timeframes.
  • Demonstrable knowledge and understanding of the film industry and its key stakeholders.
  • A proven track record of budget planning and management.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • The ability to explain, persuade and articulate arguments effectively to internal clients as well as external partners and stakeholders.
  • Experience in delivering incisive and informative written reports.
  • The ability to self-motivate and work independently as well as to remain calm and productive under pressure.
  • The ability to travel and attend key meetings with partners and stakeholders in London. 

Successful candidates may also have experience in data handling, processing and analysis or in creating and developing online platforms / apps.


Applying for the position

To apply this this position, please send your CV and a short covering letter to as soon as you can.