We have over 800 registered voters (so far – if you’re interested in becoming a voter, have a look here). Each year around 400 volunteer to watch, discuss and vote on the entered films to reach the year’s nominations – we call this the BIFA Screening Group. They are split into smaller subgroups to focus on a particular category, like Debut Director. Each subgroup functions like a jury for its category, but it shares its recommendations and comments with other groups.

The screening group is overseen by the Nomination Committee, which comprises the chairs of the sub-groups and other industry figures.

You can view a list of our current voters on PDF here.

Diversity & Inclusion

We try to keep ‘fairness’ at the heart of what BIFA does:  in recent years, we’ve made a number of changes to make our voting process as fair, our processes as inclusive and our voters as diverse and representative as possible. You can find an up to date breakdown of our voters here.

Like many others, recent events have given us reason to look in more depth at what else we could be doing to be inclusive and representative in all aspects of our activity, from our people, culture and governance structure to our programmes supporting new talent. We want to help to make the British film industry more diverse and inclusive and we need to start with a frank interrogation of what we could be doing better.