British Independent Film Awards BIFA

Celebrating 20 years of the best British Independent Film

How to Sponsor

Designed to celebrate the best in British independent film with the full support of the British film industry, the British Independent Film Awards are the UK's fastest growing film event.

Drawing all the major luminaries of the British film industry, the Awards attract mass media coverage, including all the major terrestrial and satellite television networks, as well as all the main national and local newspapers - with international media also covering the awards in recent years. In addition, the Awards are covered by commercial and independent radio nationwide with web coverage of the event increasing exponentially, further increasing its impact.

A variety of sponsorship opportunities are available which place your company not only in the direct view of the film industry, but also public view nationwide, as well as supporting and encouraging the development of new independent film in the UK.

In 2003 the British Independent Film Awards received two nominations at the Hollis Sponsorship Awards for Best First time Sponsorship and Best Low Budget Sponsorship and won the accolade of Best Low-Budget Sponsorship.

For further information on becoming a benefactor or sponsor please email us or phone us on +44 (0)20 7930 0383. 

"The evening was a rare mix: professional, relaxed, fun and spontaneous, with virtually the entire upper echelon of the UK film industry in one place to celebrate and network. The show’s production was terrific and Variety’s presence was bolstered by first-rate signage, graphics and participation in the programme. It was a tremendous morale booster for our London staff because it demonstrated both our company’s commitment to the UK film scene and our critical role in the community’s business. As we say at Variety: 'Kudos!'"